Monday, January 28, 2013

Fiscal liberals

Indian Governor Jindal asked the GOP to "stop being the stupid party".  Most Indians like Governor Jindal vote for GOP not in the interest of the country or the community but for themselves. Jindal became a Governor by giving up his religion, his beliefs and his Indian heritage and it was worth it. 

There are few conservative Indians and yet many vote for GOP in their personal interest of lower income tax. But they do it with a sense of guilt because to vote for a "stupid party" sounds  stupid. I say that because I have heard so many Indians who vote republicans say the same sentence" I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal". Fiscal conservative is a euphemism for " I want my taxes lowered". Don't we all want to pay lower taxes? Where are the fiscal liberals who want to pay higher taxes? 

It makes sense to vote for the "stupid party" to get your taxes lowered but you need a different euphemism to overcome the guilt of voting for the "Stupid party". 

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  1. Waste is also sighted as why we don't want to pay taxes. Like pensions and big fat retirement packages for teachers and police. I think few examples of 6 figure salaries are circled around to show how much waste there is. Only problem is - there is no track record of the 'stupid party' that they will do anything about spending (though they may still cut taxes). Also another phenomenon is stupid party backers always have 2 party theory. That GOP is a 2 party party and they can switch elegiance and blame the other for all ills and so absolve themselves of any wrongdoing. Like both the bushes were never republicans it seems. They are just a good opposition party but if they have power they don't know what to do cuz their rhetoric was out of control. Now a days the 2 parties are - house republicans are villians and all republican governors aresmart people like Jindal.