Monday, January 28, 2013

Fiscal liberals

Indian Governor Jindal asked the GOP to "stop being the stupid party".  Most Indians like Governor Jindal vote for GOP not in the interest of the country or the community but for themselves. Jindal became a Governor by giving up his religion, his beliefs and his Indian heritage and it was worth it. 

There are few conservative Indians and yet many vote for GOP in their personal interest of lower income tax. But they do it with a sense of guilt because to vote for a "stupid party" sounds  stupid. I say that because I have heard so many Indians who vote republicans say the same sentence" I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal". Fiscal conservative is a euphemism for " I want my taxes lowered". Don't we all want to pay lower taxes? Where are the fiscal liberals who want to pay higher taxes? 

It makes sense to vote for the "stupid party" to get your taxes lowered but you need a different euphemism to overcome the guilt of voting for the "Stupid party". 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reward the successful and the hardworking

Give $1 to a successful and creative entrepreneur and he/she would create $5 worth of working capital to expand the business which generates jobs. Give $1 to Government and it turns it to zero.

Instead of rewarding the successful and the hardworking we are constantly punishing them by taking away their hard earned wealth not knowing that it will only hurt us by reducing economic growth.

We reward the losers and the lazy, instead, by letting them decide how much of the hard earned money  the successful and the hardworking can keep with themselves.

Should we not reward the entrepreneurs by giving them money instead of taking from them?  Should we not punish the lazy losers instead? Is it not in our economic interest to leave as much money as possible in the hands of job creators?

It is not fair to punish the successful when who really needs to be punished are the 47% of the lazy and the losers.

The entrepreneurs should be rewarded with an income tax rate of negative 10%. The more profit an entrepreneur makes the bigger the reward check they get from IRS.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Expiry date on the constitution?

The US constitution belongs in the history books. We should start from scratch and write a brand new constitution from scratch based on the needs of today's world. And in the next constitution we should put an expiry date no more than 50 years and possibly less because the world changes  too fast.

Freedom means the freedom to make your own laws and that should include the power to write your own constitution, at least once in 50 years!

I find it insane that the right to bear arms is considered as sacred as the right to free speech. If it is in the constitution it must be something good. The constitution that never expires keeps the stupid laws much longer than it should because people stop to think and simply believe that if it is in the constitution it must be good. The doctor prescribed it so it must be good.

It is unpatriotic to question the greatness of our constitution and the greatness of our founders. The flaws of the constitution are never discussed and do not get exposed as a result and bad laws continue. If constitution expired today, is there a chance that the new constitution will have right to bear arms?

" I believe in the second amendment" say all the gun owners. As long as there is no one saying the opposite :" I do not believe in the second amendment", nothing of consequence will be done.

In our divided government only those things can be done that make everyone unhappy and not making half the people happy and the other half unhappy.

 How many people really want guns for the original reason for which the original intent of the second amendment which was to let the public have guns to fight a renegade government?  So why do we still need the second amendment?

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria , did not need the second amendment to get rid of their dictators. When the US Government cannot control the flow of drugs, you think they can stop the flow of arms into the country if a dictator took control of the country.

The second amendment is only an excuse for gun owners to own guns for fun, a stupidity with a big price tag.

It is time to rewrite the constitution.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A lose lose deal

I have not been a great fan of the checks and balances in our political system. I am thinking of changing my mind. I think  the founders knew that in a democracy with two equally powerful political parties, it is only posible to please half the people. This is basically an unfair situation. To be fair, it is  better to displease everyone a little. In a divided  government this is what actually happens. The fiscal cliff was avoided with both sided losing a little instead of one side winning completely while the other side losing entirely.

In a democracy winner takes all may not be a good idea because of the potential of making some people really unhappy. Perhaps the fair thing is to make everyone unhappy!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Price of the "Freedom of stupidity"

I feel that the gun laws in the US are stupid. They belong to a different time in the history of the country when people kept slaves and the women were second class citizens who had no right to vote. This stupidity has survived because the constitution makes it so difficult to make any laws at all. Every law must survive the house, the senate, the president's veto, and the supreme court and if you want to change the constitution it is close to impossible. 

Love of guns is the stupidity that  is our tradition. But it It is also our tradition to allow stupidity because a majority vote should not decide what is stupid and what is not. Somethings simply should not be decided by a majority. "The freedom of stupidity" is one of them because in rare cases what looks stupid to people or common sense might be actually not stupid at all. The earth being flat or the Sun revolving around the earth and lately the Keynes theory of economics of depression which beats common sense. Keynes theory is still considered stupid by FOX news along with every other scientific idea. The idea of human beings having evolved from apes looked stupid to so many and still does. If such stupid ideas were banned where would we be?

Many of us would like to take away all the guns,  drugs,  religions, hate speech,  and every other stupidity? And it may not look wrong because a civilized society always restricts its people from doing certain things. 

The death of 20 innocents kids and 8 adults  is simply the price our society has just paid for this freedom of stupidity. Just as Hurricane Sandy made many believers out of global warming spektics, let us hope this is a wake up call to do something about gun laws. 

When the price of stupidity goes too high that freedom is not worth it. A civilized society gives up on many freedoms because the cost is simply too much to bear. What limits the freedom of stupidity is the price a society is willing to pay for such freedoms.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Truth shall set you free?

If you are looking for a rare color of a car you just cannot get it. Unless there are enough people who want the same color a car company does not make it. So it is with democracy. You have the freedom to get  whatever every body else wants.  By definition that should not be called freedom but we often want what others want and that is why democracy and freedom are considered synonymous but they are not. In fact democracy restricts your freedom to desire only what the majority wants.

It is well known that college and school kids start drinking much before the legal age. The majority of voting people obviously have decided to restrict this freedom for those below 21. As a parent I would probably have voted with the crowd when my kids were young but I feel differently now. If indeed an 18 years old person is an adult what right do I have of restricting the freedom of another adult?

So what do the kids do to get their freedom? Lie. They use fake ID's or get an older kid to buy alcohol. And what would a politician do  to get what they want? Lie to change people's opinion in their favor and what is wrong with that?

The more I think the more I am convinced that the value of truth is over rated. I do not even fret over the lies perpetrated by religion considering the fact that these lies make people happy. After life is one such lie that was invented a few thousand years back that is still helping modern people face death.

Truth shall set you free? What truth?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lie boldy

And learn this from the Republicans. Michelle Bachman was being questioned by Fox news as to why she had said that the US is becoming a socialist country and the net worth of companies owned by the US Government stands at 51% of the total market value of all the US companies. This was a bold lie as it always is with Fox and the Republicans party but in this case Fox was being beaten by Michelle Bachman. How can anyone be bolder than FOX news in telling lies so they challenged her.  FOX news said that we have calculated it and it comes to only 1.5%. I thought she was going to embarrass herself but she came up with the name of some report by some person who had claimed this percentage. So if you want to tell a bold lie simply ask some non-entity to write it somewhere on the Internet and now you can keep telling the lie boldly. If you get caught just quote the source. In the same interview on FOX she was claiming that 30,000 people have died in US killed by NATO operation. When confronted with this preposterous claim she said her source was the Libyan Government's report in a Libyan news paper! Why on earth would she believe the Libyan government you have to ask.

The job of the opposition is to replace the current ruling party  "ruining the country" with itself and if lies are necessary to change the people's opinion, so be it.  It is all for a good cause!